Bentra 2018 Prep Continues

After our successful exhaust build, we only had a couple of things left to do prior to the first event.  The highest priority:  get the car inspected & emissions tested so it is once again legal to drive on the road.  This should have been simple, but in true Bentra Motorsports form, something else broke immediately.

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The Bentra gets a new exhaust

The Bentra finished up the 2017 season missing an event and in need of a bit of TLC.  In an effort to be more prepared for the 2018 Rallycross season, Bentra Motorsports did what any reasonable group of car enthusiasts would do… we waited until 1 week before the first event to fix it.Read More »

The Nissan Bentra

I love this car.  And I hate it.  Its fun, reasonably quick and can dominate local rallyx events in the hands of a decent driver.  Its also got a history of extremely poor mechanic work, poor suspension design, an uninspiring economy motor that revs to a lofty 6100rpm, and appears to have all the grace of a hippopotamus on a pogo stick on track.

How did I end up with it?

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